Animal Farm (动物庄园)
Brave New World (美丽新世界)
Xi JinP (习近P)
incapable ruler (昏君)
disagree (不同意)
The Emperor’s Dream (皇帝梦)
Disney (迪士尼)
roll up + sleeves (撸起+袖子)
Chinese Emperor stock (华帝股份)
oppose Qing, restore Ming (反清复明)
personality cult (个人崇拜)
Xi Zedong (习泽东)
the wheel of history (历史的车轮)
shameless (不要脸)
lifelong (终身)
immortality (长生不老)
universal celebration (普天同庆)
Dream of Returning to Great Qing (梦回大清)
change the law (变法)
Big River, Big Sea 1949 (大江大海1949)
my emperor (吾皇)
long live (万岁)
ascend the throne (登基)
to board a plane (登机)
proclaim oneself emperor (称帝)
urge a power figure to formally seize the throne (劝进)
chairman + for life system (主席+终身制)
Yuan Shikai (袁世凯)
Hongxian (洪憲)
recover one’s authority (复辟)
Hundred Days’ Reform (戊戌变法)
Another 500 Years for Heaven (向天再借五百年)
N — While the letter “N” was temporarily blocked from being posted, as of 14:27 PST on February 26, it was no longer banned. At Language Log, Victor Mair speculates that this term was blocked “probably out of fear on the part of the government that “N” = “n terms in office”, where possibly n > 2.”
for life system (终身制)
emigrate (移民)
Zhang Xun (张勋)
take the yellow gown (黄袍加身)
Yuan Big Head (袁大头)
Winnie the Pooh (小熊维尼)