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Goto80 & Entter


Tripping to nowhere

At the beginning Entter were Raúl Berrueco and Raquel Meyers. Focused on New Media art, some of Entter's early work was net art related, like 'Desert Grows', which became part of the ArtBase collection of at the beginning of 2002.

In may 2006 Entter presented their live collaboration along Swedish artist Anders Carlsson (Goto80) in the Elektro Circus festival (Carpentras, France). Anders was already an experienced chip music live-show artist combining purist 8-bit computer skills with singing, screaming and synthesizer-jamming. Since 2006-2007 Goto80 and Entter collaborated in live-AVshows with performances in various countries. Using their own software for vjing and surprising audience with a double VJ session on multiple screen-setup. Entter visual references came from a wide range of sources such as: old computer visual glitches, hacked software, trash culture from the 1980's, machinima, algorithms, arcade machine galleries, cyberpunk and random scripting.


Hacked Videogame. Data Airlines Festival 2nd November 2007 Marseille
PLAYLIST : Playing games, music, art. Bruselles 2010

44422435 to nowhere / Software Art
31 August 2007 Entter+Goto80. Exhibitions:
Rhizome ArtBase (New Museum of Contemporary art of New York)
Machinima European Festival (Leicester University) 
FILE Machinima 2011 Rio de Janeiro 
AMAZE Festival. Culture, videogames & art. Berlin 2012. 

EUSKAL.ORG/ BILBAO - AV Performance + Conference
Entter+Goto80 AV set. Art & Videogames Conference. July 21th & July 22th. BEC 2007.

Goto80+Entter, April 27th at LeZoo Factory Club.
Goto80+Entter, April 28th at Bac (Comnteporary Art Center of Geneva).

Art Residency+ Conference+ AV preformances

La Gare du Coustellet, Entter & Goto80. February 2007.

Video Game making in collaboration with Shojo No Tomo and Goto80
Exhibitions: 21th sept-17th oct 2006 At Beames Gallery (Tokyo, Shinjyuku)

14th May 2006 Goto80 live + VJ ENTTER, Carpentras (FR)

ILLEGAL HEROES 1.0”/ WWW - Net.Art. Supporting Platform for the February 2005.

“Entter is composed of Raúl Berrueco and Raquel Meyers, visual artists and designers and current residents of Bilbao (Spain). Along with Goto80, Anders Carlsson, Swedish resident of Göteborg, they are going to put together one of the most amazing live audiovisual performances in the Chip Music scene.

It is an exciting time for chip music (Gameboy, Commodore, Atari...), an experimental music style which until very recently has been somewhat of a rare find, and is undergoing a radical and creative renaissance of sorts. Proof of this is the attention that the '8 bit' movement has been receiving recently from noteworthy critics and within presitigious circles. 8 bit (2006) the documentary about 'Chip Music', 8bits art and videogames, by Marcin Ramocki and Justin Strawhand, premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, will be shown for two days in the Mapping Festival along with the performances by Goto80 and Entter.”

Mapping Festival


Meneo & VJ Entter


Watch Video

Back in 2007 VJ Entter started to work along the musician Rigo Pex (Meneo) in a series of performances. At that time they were turning their presence on stage into a sort of unpredictable happening, applying peer pressure to the public in order to induce wild or unconventional behavior.

MENEO and VJ ENTTER are two boys with Gameboys. Rigo Pex plays his self-coined, self-bastardised form of electropical straight off his mini machine. Raul creates atari-worshipping, brain-invading VJ images off his. This is 8-Bit with soul. On the Spanish scene they have created a tazmanian devil of energy that has left no man standing. They have a loyal and obsessive band of merry followers who never miss their shows. Whether they come for the bleepy cumbia, the naked jumping or the world-class visuals is not important. The Meneo phenomenon brings the party like no-one else can.

Clare Considine,
The Guardian, Time Out, 'SUP, Hunger

Primavera Sound Festival Press
'Music performed with 8-bit machines (a.k.a. chiptunes) has experienced an important come back for the last couple of years after its birth and apotheosis during the 80's. Meneo reside in Barcelona and are one of the bands with the largest international projection within this scene, being already used to participating in festivals in New York, Paris and around the world. They have even been praised by Diplo.'

Fact Magazine UK
'Nobody knows and shows this better than local legends, Meneo, a bouncy, colourful duo who play 8-bit cumbia music – their very own, self-coined 'electropical'. Just listening to one Meneo track says everything there is to say about Barcelona – there's spirit, there's colour, there's hints of darkness and lots and lots of noise. Meneo are crowned and naked kings of Barcelona's party scene and they are slowly taking over the world, festival by festival. Friends with Toy Selectah and the Zizek crew, they are also part of an international Cumbia scene that is threatening to throw Hervé and Sinden from their fidget house thrones. And with upcoming remixes from Tomb Crew, Silverlink and Dead Robot and some serious love from Mad Decent these boys are proving themselves to be so much more than a niche 8-bit act.'

Discobelle - Meneo 'Santa Nalga' Album Review
'What do you get when you pair up reggaeton beats with Gameboy melodies? Well, you get Meneo. A duo from Barcelona that's been spreading their music in clubs all over Europe and at the same time getting naked while doing it. Debut album on the way, mastered by the good people over at Mad Decent.'

Createdigitalmotion (London) - meneo at mapping festival 2008 review
"...No write-up, however subjective and under-representative, could go by without a mention of Mapping's 8bit night, with bubblyfish / chika / akira /etc all rocking out beyond their laptops. The special mention has to go to Meneo however, an 8bit musician who tours with Entter providing an a/v whole. As you'd expect, the graphics reinforced the 8bit theme and a Meneo identity, but there were real moments of something way beyond that, with a whole world being created and stories spun. Oh, and lots of nakedness at the end: A visual performance of other sorts, and what was it with nakedness and performance at Mapping?"

Blentwell (New York)
"Not having listened to much Chiptune or 8bit tracks lately I had kinda written off the movement as a novel idea that dwindled. 4 years ago I was intrigued by making music using only 8bit Nintendo GameBoy sound effects - but the genre was kinda limited by purists who refused to mix the chiptune sound with any tech aided beat making. But now out of nowhere comes Meneo (out of Barcelona in reality) ! Dropping Gameboy reggaeton and lofi electro dancefloor killers - Meneo has been destroying the underground across Europe. These dudes get so loose they were banned in Sweden for on-stage nudity! (I thought the Swedes were some of the most open-minded on the nudie tip in all of the EU) Be on the look out for their "yo soy tu papi" cut which is a future dancefloor anthem in the making (paging Armand van Helden - consider remixing this jammy!)."

"Meneo. . . well I have to have respect for anyone who can consistently get people to get naked at their gigs, plus they're the funkiest!!"

Selected Works/Exhibitions

PAPI Videoclip
Nominated Best Video MTV Spain Awards
3RD DAILYMOTION SESSION BARCELONA MauMauUnderground 15th April 2010
Mecal 2010, the International Short film Festival of Barcelona from the 9th to the 18th of April.
NO TABOO FESTIVAL | 10&12/11/2009 Rio de Janeiro(BRAZIL) 4TH International Festival of Animation, Short Competition.

Selected Performances:
Bam Festival Barcelona 2012
The Villa Berlin 2010
Cargo London 2010
Paradiso Amsterdam 2010
Transmusicales Festival Rennes 2009
Dour Festival 2009
Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona 2009
Button Factory Dublin 2008
Apolo Barcelona 2008
Blip Festival New York 2008
Mapping Festival Geneva 2008
Fusion Festival Lärz 2007

L'MAR”/ ATLANTA - Video Artwork.
The International Toy Video Camera Festival 2009

Villa de Bilbao New Tendencies 1st Prize, Bilbao 2009

The Old Man

The Old Man of the Mountain

A theater play by Patrick Sims with video mapping
by Raúl Berrueco and Ilan Katin.

A production of Vidy Theater- Photos by Mario del Curto

'The Old Man of the Mountain' is inspired by a Persian history of the twelfth century. A fortress of a thousand spells. The medieval fable blends all kinds of poets (William Burroughs leading all of them), U.S. rail vagabonds, humor galore and an extraordinary imagination to tell the story of artificial paradises. And as Sims doesn't stop at nothing, he imagined that all would unfold on a giant pinball machine. Attend the show and get the free-bonus video mapping.

Flipper credits

Stage construction
Erik Zollikofer

Sensors network
Alex Posada, Oriol Viladomiu

Graphic Design
Raúl Berrueco

Raúl Berrueco, Sibylle Portenier

Video mapping
Raúl Berrueco, Ilan Katin

Ata Ebtekar


Raúl Berrueco (Santander 1977) studied Fine Arts at the Basque Country University and had been working later as digital designer and Art Director. As visual artist, he worked as video jockey (VJ Entter) and performer collaborating with electronic musicians on acclaimed AV shows. He also did motion clips for music bands and worked for theater as video mapping creator. He’s well known by his lowfi/8bit glitchy humorous approach to visual arts and crazy performances.

As curator he gave and organized talks and curated exhibitions and AV performances in Barcelona.

List of Selected Works and Exhibitions

Photo Ana Izarzugaza, 2015.

Photographs used in this site courtesy of Mario del Curto, Roos Menkmann, Marjorie Becker, Richard Alexander Caraballo and Ramiro Elena.


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