Bress Magazine Team

David Semuret

I was born in 1978 in Zamora, Spain. When I was a child I soon realised that art was very important in my life and that’s why I started to paint when I was 9. Nevertheless, I presume that mainly due to my good marks at school, when I grew up I decided to study Forestry Engineering in 1996. After several years of technical employment I felt that I was starved of artistic creation in my life, so three years ago I bought a camera and started to shoot the human body. I must admit that when I have a naked model in front of my camera, I really feel that I am making gentle love with him without any need of contact.

Currently I live in the mountains close to Madrid, a place where I have found a kind of spiritual retreat and where I combine my job as engineer with the rest of my hobbies and devotions: photography, writing, dancing, abandoned places and nature


Mario Romero

Graphic and web Designer from the north of Spain.

Studied in Bilbao (2007) and Barcelona (2010) completing Graphic Designer, Web and
Multimedia modules. His first job came quickly from the prestigious company RKO Design and
Marketing Communications (2011) in San Sebastian.

After a time of settling in, he soon began his solitary journey, throwing himself into the world
of design and web art as a freelance ... and until today …

From the Basque Country he has worked with many people and has been a part of large projects. His works range from the complete design of web pages (design, layout and production) to the design of logos, posters, flyers, and all kinds of artistic material. A design that fits perfectly with what the customer wants, while respecting the delivery dates and ensuring a total commitment not only during the design stage, but also in the subsequent publication of the work.

He has published websites for musicians, logos for photographers and language academies, posters, flyers and a whole range of artistic items for lots of people …

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Manel Ortega

Modus is the home of Manel Ortega's portfolio of ongoing work focussing on the capture of stunning images of the male form. At Modus, Manel brings his customary expertise in the application of light as he strives to reflect the unique essence of the subject. Through his work with the male form he aims to balance the strength, beauty and fragility of the human body Manel's work for Modus has been exhibited in London, Brighton, Barcelona, Italy, New York and Mexico.

He is now based in Brighton UK and continues with his exploration of beauty with the human form. His work can be challenging to some viewers. In that respect he draws upon a quote from Nan Goldin, the celebrated photographer. There have been occasions when Goldin's exhibitions have been surrounded by a media storm, labelling her work as extreme and pornographic.

She went on to place the onus on the viewer. "The idea that nude flesh is seen as pornographic - people seem to forget they were born naked and that they were born from women”