Raúl is a visual artist and designer also known as Entter or VJ Entter. He has worked with electronic musicians in acclaimed audiovisual shows, performing in festivals such as Sónar, Primavera Sound, Mira Digital Arts, Dour Festival, Transmusicales Rennes, Amaze Berlin and Mapping Festival Geneva. He has also worked in the Vidy Theatre of Lausanne in Switzerland as video artist, developing audiovisual scenography. He has curated installations, audiovisual shows, workshops and talks at Hangar Barcelona.

He's widely known for his visuals focused on retro arcade and low-fi gaming graphics from the first era of home entertainment consoles such as the C-64 and Nintendo's NES. Hi adds a certain regard for glitches, ROM hacking, machinima, visual algorithms and random scripting.

In the year 2018, he has given two lectures, one titled 'Unemployment 2055' at Némo, International Biennial of Digital Arts of Paris, on the future of work in the AI and machine learning context. The other lecture was 'State-of-the-art Dystopia', given at the Mira Digital Arts Festival in Funkhaus Berlin, where he examined present-day dystopia.

In 2019 he designed an independent video game funded by the Catalan Government and the Sant Cugat Council.

Selected works

Video Game Installation, tech development Mónica Rikic. NegOCIO Art Games Exhibition Sant Cugat del Valles June-July 2019

ENTTER + ZA! パチンコ PLEX AV SHOW Teatro Antzokia Bilbao 9 Junio 2018

Lecture at the Mira Digital Arts Festival Berlin, Funkhaus 5 May 2018

Lecture at Némo, International Biennial of Digital Arts of Paris 18 Jan 2018

CHURCH OF WHATEVER Audiovisual Performances
Petit Palace Madrid, ES 27th Feb 2016 Grosgoroth Premiere
Lowtoy Festival Barcelona, ES 28th Sep 2014
Doomsday Festival Nice, FR 05th Jul 2014
Mapping Festival Geneva, CH 31st May 2014
Miscelanea Barcelona, ES 20th Apr 2013 RNXRX Premiere

MENEO AV Performances 2007-15
Sónar Barcelona, Primavera Sound, New York Blip Festival, Caixaforum Bcn, Apolo Barcelona, Dour Festival, Transmusicales Rennes, Fusion Festival, Zemos98 Sevilla, Cargo London, The Villa Berlin, Gelatina Brussels, Paradiso Amsterdam, Club NME Dublin, Cergy Arts Media Center Paris, Villa de Bilbao New Tendencies 1st Prize, ‘Papi’ Nominated Best Video Clip MTV Spain Awards

Talks, Workshops, AV Performances, Installations.
Chiptune, Game art, post-internet art, circuit bending Lowtoy Festival 2014 and 2015. Hangar Barcelona.

LES ANTLIACLASTES Video creations for theatre
'The acting Bug'
International Theater Festival of Kerala 2017
Théâtre Vidy Lausanne 2013
'Here lies Shakespeare' Théâtre Neuchâtel 2015
'The Old man of the mountain' 2012 Théâtre Vidy Lausanne
Mime festival Londres L’équinoxe
Théâtre le Monfort à Paris

MIRA Festival Barcelona, Amaze Berlin, Superbyte Manchester, Apolo Barcelona Nitsa Resident VJ, Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona, Lunchmeat Festival Praga, Mapping Festival Geneva.